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  1. Players are now able to have their skins added. These skins must be either made by the player or a skin that is allowed to be used by our server. Admins will have the final say for what skins will be added to the server. An item to keep into consideration is that all high poly skins will be denied. Post below with a screenshot or a video for the skin. If your skin is selected to be added we will contact you. Thanks, Zachary VCRP Management
  2. Beta Announcement #001 The beta launch is less than a day away. Tomorrow 12-28 we will be opening the server into open beta. There are a few things to remember prior to entering the server. This is an OPEN BETA. It is impossible to test 100% of the server to ensure there are no bugs. We will fix these bugs as soon as they are reported. Also to note. The server is not complete yet. There are some features missing that we plan to implement in the coming day and months. We are not just throwing the server out with no plans to further the project. We look forward to the feedback from you (the player). Time of Launch: Noon Eastern Standard time/1700 UTC Beta TimerCountdown Feel free to /helpme in game to have a tester help you with whatever you need or commend down below and someone will assist you. To download all the models and preload them so you can be connected right at 12 follow this tutorial here Also to note SAMP addon is a great feature to switch between SAMP 0.37 and 3DL servers. Download it here: IF YOU PLAY ON OTHER SERVERS CHECK TO MAKE SURE IT IS ALLOWED! You will keep all your stats, money, vehicles, and so on. (Unless exploited)
  3. Downloading the cache outside of the SAMP server has many benefits such as a higher download speed. Watch this short video to find out how to download the cache if you need further assistance! Goto this link and download the file. Goto your GTA SA user files normally under /user/documents. Goto SAMP > cache Open the samp cache zip in your preferred unzipping program and drag the file into the cache directory. Connect to the server and enjoy!
  4. Vice City Roleplay Development Update (11/12/2018) General Script Changes Changelog - Fixed an issue with newly created faction vehicles being respawned and not reappearing - Adjusted text outputs relating to the drug system to be more accurate - Re-added banking commands - Basic MDC system added - Fuel drain rates have been increased after feedback from testing - New textures for the Furniture System - Fixed a bug where vehicle fuel could overflow - Added a DMV/Driving License System (Zachary) - Corrected a few typos within the gamemode - Changed /speedo to /togspeed to maintain consistency - Added support for fast texture/model downloading - Added several garage interiors - Changed VCPDs interior to be in a seperate world - Adjusted the AntiCheat - Added the Taxi job (Zachary) - Changed /damages to /injuries - Replaced the custom Ocean Drive parking lot with the DMV - Fixed a bug where players would hear other players chat (talking, /me's etc) regardless of the player's virtual world.
  5. Vice City Roleplay Development Update (25/11/2018) The Narcotics Update - Added a drug inventory system. - Added a fully dynamic drug system - Drugs can have any name and be tied to specific effects. - Drugs have different strength values that affect the benefits given to the user of the drug. - Drugs can be split up into smaller packages. - Drugs can be passed onto other players. - Some drugs will allow the player to perform special actions. - Changed the design of the injuries display dialog.
  6. Vice City Roleplay Development Update (18/11/2018) Changelog - Re-wrote the phone system. - Added Emegency services hotlines to the phone system. - Added ringtones for phones. - Added support for contacts in the phone system. - Dead players are completely blocked out from using any In Character chats. - Faction /duty armour has been seperated from regular armour. - Faction members who are on duty no longer recieve 100 regular armour if they log off/crash whilst on duty. - Added automated /me's to the beanbag rounds system. - Added the ability to break into player owned vehicles using melee weapons such as bats, batons or your firsts. - Basis of the drug system has been established. - Added a custom Radar to replace the blank mini-map. - Added /blindfold (also usable on yourself for roleplay screenshots). - Added (toggleable) health/armour counters. - Furniture system had full functionality restored. (switching of colours and textures is now fully supported!) - Passed car keys can be dropped by the recipient. - Passed car keys can be revoked. - Admins are alerted of advert contents before they are broadcasted to the server. - Fixed a bug with gamemodeexiting where player positions wouldn't save properly. - Freeze timer for /enter and /exit also applies to vehicles. - All passengers of a vehicle are sent to the correct interior/vw when the driver enters a vehicle enabled building. - You can no longer register names with broken capitalisation.
  7. Vice City Roleplay Development Update (14/11/2018) Introduction General bug fix & feature additions Changelog: - Added dealership business type. - Added tier based lock, alarm and immobilisers to the vehicle system. - Injured players will respawn in the death state if they disconnect. - Added 3 additional gas stations. - Added script support for new gas station mapping. - Added /pullincar and /deliver for medical commands.
  8. Vice City Roleplay Development Update (13/11/2018) Introduction A few small changes to the server. Changelog: - Added the ability to roll the car windows up and down. - Added gas station functionality. - Tabbed out players in vehicles will now recieve all chat messages from players inside of the vehicle. - CCTV System (Zachary) - Added a freeze timer upon entering and exiting houses/buildings. - Added beta server functionality.
  9. Vice City Roleplay Development Update (11/11/2018) Introduction So as you may have noticed things have been pretty silent from our end excluding a couple of mapping previews on the Discord. We apologise for the lack of front end communication on our part but we aim to address this and keep the community up to date with any happenings from this point onwards. Recently I have completely overhauled the gamemode and made improvements where-ever possible to optimise the script and have it in an acceptable state for closed beta testing which is set to commence in the coming month. We appreciate those who have stuck by us and are aiming for a release during the holiday season. Changelog: - Improved damage synchronisation between players. - Improved the way that player deaths are handled. - Vastly improved the efficiency of anti-cheat checks on players. - Added dialog spoofing checks. - Introduced an AFK timer. - Introduced a new vehicle system which covers player, faction and admin spawned vehicles. - Added a fuel system to vehicles with different classes of vehicles which affect the rate that fuel decreases while the engine is running. - Added a speedometer. - Added weapon storage to vehicles. - Added the ability to give other players a set of keys to your vehicle. - Player spawned vehicles belonging to disconnected players will remain on the map until the next hour rolls over (granted that they are unoccupied). - Commands and interfaces relating to the furniture system have been adjusted to flow more naturally. - Faction leadership can now disable faction chat for all players who do not hold a leadership rank. - Faction leadership can respawn faction vehicles without admin intervention. - Improved accuracy and efficiency of server logs. - In Character jail/prison time continue to count down even whilst tabbed out of the game. - Moved custom Vice City interiors back into default map boundaries to enable melee damage to occur between players within these interiors. - Added prison interior and exterior mapping to the main server. - Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to fall through the ground (and thus be destroyed) when a player entered an interior. - Players who are performing a driveby can now lean back into the vehicle by pressing ‘H’ again and can then lean back out. - Weapons now show on players bodies while they are in the player’s inventory (also limited which weapons can be carried at one time!) - Smaller weapons can be concealed. - Dropped weapons now disappear after 5 minutes of being on the ground. - More miscellaneous changes Afterthoughts In the coming days you can expect to see developments for the criminal roleplay system. This includes the sale of, manufacturing of and distribution of drugs and weapons as well as other activities such as chop shops and more. Stay tuned.
  10. Development Update (23/09/2018) Damage system has been tweaked for each weapons damage and the body part it hits Prison system implemented (Under Development) Phone system has been implemented Prison interior mapped Fixed glitchy walls in the North Point Mall Editing the billboards around the map so each billboard can receive a custom texture (Under Development) Police holding area mapping (Under Development) Conclusion The server is really taking shape and we are getting closer to release, thanks to Storm for server optimisations. We're almost ready for the beta testing phase so stay tuned for more details on that!
  11. Dev Update (22/07/2018) Implemented a different report system (Made by Storm). Fixed massive issues with the faction and group system (Patched by Storm). Updated the furniture system to include more objects. Added an elevator for the bank, requested by Yazoo. Faction Update (22/07/2018) State and Local Government have been established. Police Department has been established. Conclusion Since the last few updates, a lot has been done, this is just all that comes to mind. The server is really coming around as a whole. The script is being optimized and tested for bugs around the clock by our dedicated developers and beta testers. Feel free to message any of the management with suggestions to better improve the server! Thanks for the support! Zachary and the VCRP/TCP Management Staff!
  12. Mapping Progress (13/07/2018) Fixed collisions for interiors and exteriors All rotations have been corrected Non-working escalator in the Vice Point mall has now been fixed All VC interiors have been fixed (Two of the ammunations need adding in) All flags have been amended in the script Added most of the VC interiors to the interior world (In the process of adding more) Original VC skins need the be converted over A moving elevator needs to be added to the bank interior The streamer needs to be adjusted so that the models are rendered in good time Conclusion From the last mapping update a lot has been done; a lot of fine tuning and polishing up of the map has taken place. I've mainly been working on the VC interiors ensuring that non of the geometry is missing and adding the VC interiors to the interior world. I am happy to say that the mapping is 95% done; the exterior and interiors have been fixed it's now just a case of adding more VC interiors to the interior world.
  13. Mapping Progress (04/06/2018) Fixed collisions for most exteriors and some interiors Building geometry has been fixed The majority of rotations have been appended Some objects that should be submerged in water are now submerged Most working walk in interiors are now accessible Missing VC objects/textures have been converted over Pay N Sprays are now enter-able Areas that have been submerged by water have been altered Random/weird objects have been removed Object attributes such as reflective floors and non see through able windows have been fixed Conclusion When we first implemented the VC map to the server it was in an unpolished state and was not converted with SA-MP in mind, it was more of a straight conversion. Over the past few months the team have been working to polish the map ready for SA-MP players to enjoy, without having to suffer from poor collision, missing building geometry etc. There is still more to be done but we aim to have a completely polished map for our SA-MP user base, which will allow for exploration of VC the way it's meant to be. It'll be done when it's done, so stay tuned!
  14. Information As some people may or may not be aware, our game mode is being created completely from scratch. This means that progress will start slowly and gradually build up as more framework is put into place. Development for the project began on 17/03/2018 as a bit of fun on the side. This thread aims to log any changes that are made to the script during development and give insight as to what is being worked on at any given time. Changelog 04/06/2018: [+] Created Houses [+] Created Buildings [+] 10 person gang (/makegroup) [+] Police Duty Weapons [+] Death System [+] Synced Money [+] Cuffs w/ basic anti-cheat [+] Anti Jetpack hack [+] Rental vehicles [+] Basic roleplay commands /me /do /my /ame /amy [+] Dynamic Login Music [+] Report System [+] Pay N' Spray System [+] Pizzaboy Job [+] Icecream/Hot dog Job