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  1. Storm

    Adding Skins

    No. All high poly skins will be denied.
  2. Vice City Roleplay Development Update (7/1/2019) (Updating this thread to reflect Discord's changelogs) Changelog  Added the trucking job Prevented players from taking crates from LOCKED trucks Players are now able to /hotwire player owned vehicles Loaded pickup trucks will no longer have a glitchy camera Added /furnitureperms Added /wiretransfer Adjusted the cooldown between animations Added the ability to change your object streaming distance (/streamdist!) for those on lower end systems Added /station inside of vehicles with some basic stations, feel free to suggest more stations Added 24/7 stores. 24/7's sell the following - Cigarettes - Drinks (Sprunk/Wine/Beer) - Gas Cans A few adjustments made to handling destroyed vehicles Added clothing items, these can be bought from a few places with varying types of items You can now buy skins at the mall or any (placed) clothing store MDC fully functions (pending to be moved over to a more intuitive GUI ELS System (Hazard Lights, Flickering headlights, Takedown lights Players who have IC prison time while serving OOC prison time will now be sent back to IC prison when their OOC prison time is over Admins now have the ability to cancel advertisements from broadcasting Vehicles should be less prone to falling through the map upon exiting an interior Admins can now despawn player’s vehicles Added the Blade, Yosemite, Sunrise, Elegant and Blista Compact to the car dealership
  3. Added IG 8 (Robbery/Scamming rules)
  4. Storm


    You can appeal in a week if you're still interested in playing. I would have been more forgiving if you didn't attempt to ban evade. As for your other comment, all transactions are logged. This is not necessary. That being said, closed.
  5. Storm


    Handling. What made you think that it was okay to even attempt to do what you did? Better yet, why did you think it was acceptable to log back into the server under another account and IP five minutes later?
  6. Vice City Roleplay Development Update (24/12/2018) Changelog [+] /tackle has been implemented, usable by anybody [+] Added several commands to the Tester status /testerduty /ban, /kick, /ajail [+] Graffiti, access to this feature can be granted by Administrators, Testers and Official Gang leaders. [+] Deployable objects, can be placed by on-duty law enforcement or administrators [+] Players spawned vehicle ID will now appear in /stats [+] Added house renting commands [+] Furniture objects such as doors can now be locked [+] /walk & /walkstyle
  7. Post your ban appeal in the main Ban Appeals section and wait patiently for your post to be moved to the correct section. Title [In-Game Name] [b]In-Game Name: [/b] [b]Date of Ban: [/b] [b]Handling Admin: [/b] [b]Ban Reason: [/b] [b]Why you should be unbanned: [/b]
  8. Faction Reports are used to report a group of people (or an individual breaking specific faction rules) who act as a faction, being part of an official faction or otherwise. Title [Faction Name (or "Individuals acting as a faction")] Rules Broken Body [b]My In-Game name: [/b] [b]Time of Incident: [/b] [b]Faction Roleplay Thread (if applicable): [/b] [b]Rules broken: [/b] [b]Evidence: [/b]
  9. Staff reports must be sent to Storm in a private message with the following format: [b]My In-Game Name: [/b] [b]Staff Member: [/b] [b]Date of Incident: [/b] [b]Incident Report: [/b] [b]Evidence: [/b]